Salted Caramel Brownies from Tanya Bakes

Tanya Burr is a woman of many talents, but it’s her baking book that may be my favourite venture of hers so far. I can’t recall any other book where I have tried, tested and succeeded at so many recipes in such a short period of time – so I thought I would share one of them today.

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The Joy of Missing Out

You may be familiar with the term, FOMO – the fear of missing out. I’m unlikely to be the only person guilty of succumbing to this feeling, especially when faced with a clash of events or a disruption to plans with friends. When fomo strikes, it can send you into a crazy mindset that leads you to believe that whatever else you do in that period of time won’t be as fun or as significant, usually taking you on a downward spiral of misery and despair… well, I’ve had enough of feeling that way!

A good friend of mine recently advised me to re-train my brain into looking at the positive side of missing out on events and occasions, and since doing so I haven’t felt the fear since.

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Picnic in the Park

Picnic season in the UK is sporadic. There isn’t a particular month that shines brighter than the other, you just need to prepare yourself for a spontaneous afternoon here and there.

A few Sunday’s ago the sun came out so I made some last minute picnic plans with a friend. We made a quick dash to the supermarket for food essentials before heading off in the direction of our local park.

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