Book Review: I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk

Ms Kelk never gets it wrong.

i heart ho

After the success of her first installment ‘I Heart New York’, I couldn’t wait to read her second novel in the series. And oh my, it’s a good’un! I know I’m a bit late to the party (I Heart New York was published in 2009), but now I get to play catch up which is just as fun – no waiting around for the next book, hoorah!

I Heart Hollywood’ picks up where ‘I Heart New York’ left off (click here to read my review), and we find out if Angela and her Brooklyn boy Alex are together or not. With her love life back on track and still living with BFF Jenny, her boss Mary gives her the opportunity of a lifetime to travel to LA and interview one of the hottest actors in the world – James Jacobs. Nervous and excited, Angela hopes her boyfriend will tell her not to go as she is worried what the distance will do for her relationship, not to mention having to hang out with a guy who’s had more kiss and tells than most football players.

With her best friend in tow, the girls fly off to Hollywood and begin their quest to take LA by storm. In between shopping and dining, Angela has to meet up with Mr Jacobs to begin their interview. Unfortunatly she gets stood up, actors eh?! Jenny takes her out on the town and drinks a few too lemonades, if you know what I mean – so when Angela gets a phone call from Blake, James Jacob’s assistant, she doesn’t have much time to wallow in her hungover state. It turns out that the famous actor is not at all how he perceived to be in the press, and the two begin hanging out at some of the city’s favourite hotspots. Unfortunatly the paparazzi also hang out at these places, awkward. Angela and James are both caught in what could be seen as compromising positions and before they know it the photos are printed online – all for the world, her boyfriend and her boss to see.

Cracks begin to show in Angela and Alex’s relationship and with her job on the line she begins to fall off the rails, where we see another side to her. I think we have all had those moments where you feel like no matter what you do, nothing will make you feel better, so it is easy to sympathise with her. With an interview in tatters, a revelation that could destroy James Jacobs’ career and a possible one night stand – Angela isn’t having much luck in LA. And then her boyfriend turns up.


Two books down, 3 more to go – Lindsey Kelk is a chick-lit queen. Her writing makes it impossible for you to put the book down (which is great for those nights where you just can’t sleep), and I can’t wait to find out what happens next in Angela’s Clark’s life. 

Oh, and it’s made me miss LA even more anyone fancy a trip to Hollywood?!


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