30 Day Challenge: 30 Dresses


Last month I decided to have a huge de-clutter of my clothes, sorting out what needed to be put away for Winter and what to keep out for Summer (we’ve actually had a real Summer!) This was when I found out I have perhaps too many clothes – I’m not sure what actually qualifies as ‘too’ much, but owning over 30 dresses? Perhaps.

I was discussing this with a friend (shout out to Miss Sidonie, yoohoo!) and she suggested I should wear a different dress each day in August – so here we are!


Today is a beautiful day so I thought I would crack out something summery like this lilac dress.








Dress // H&M
Floral Hair Crown // Tokyo Dolls
Shoes // Clarks
Nails // My Own

I think we all have those dresses where we want to save them for a ‘special occasion’, but never find that special occasion to wear it to. Sometimes I feel I don’t wear certain items of clothing due to not wanting to look too overdressed, but you know what – life’s too short. If that dress makes you feel happy and you get lots of compliments wearing it, then wear it. If you turn a few heads, then work it girl!

Hope you enjoyed this post, it’s a bit different from what I usually do but I enjoyed putting this one together.

Today’s motto?


Until tomorrow…


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