30 Day Challenge: Day 19


If you’re not sure what the 30 Day Challenge is about – >> click here << for details.

I have realised I’ve made a blunder somewhere along the way with these days, as today is actually the 20th and this is what I wore. I think I’m a day behind, so I will just have to carry on being a day behind. My bad.

I visited Blooms today, which is a lovely little garden centre by the Cheltenham Racecourse, and I always enjoy wondering around and admiring the beautiful flowers and greenery. I picture in my head how I want my dream garden to look – what flowers I would plant and decorative pieces to add to the garden space, doesn’t everyone do that?





Dress // Glamorous
Belt // Topshop
Bag // Matalan
Tights // Marks and Spencer
Shoes // H&M

Today’s Motto:


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