#SchoolofGrazia | A Blogging Masterclass

I had seen on Twitter that Grazia Magazine were holding free Blogging Masterclasses at the Apple Store on Regent St in London for three consecutive weeks at the end of October and I couldn’t resist but to register my attendance immediately.


For me the best part of the journey into Central London is seeing all the sights en route, where I often find myself staring out of the window admiring the famous landmarks of the City for the last part of the drive (I particularly favour Chelsea Embankment when the Albert Bridge is lit up.)

I dragged my friend Laura along with me to the first masterclass which was School of Grazia’s guide to Beauty Blogging, where three accomplished and well-loved beauty bloggers took to the stage to talk about their experiences and offer advice.


Taking to the stage to talk were Fleur De Force, Lily Pebbles and Estรฉe from Essie Button, all of whom I have been a fan and follower of for some time. Grazia’s Editor-at-Large Angela Buttolph chaired the event, asking a variety of questions from how their blogs started to how they have made it their full time career.

IMG_6389L-R: Estรฉe from Essie Button, Lily Pebbles, Fleur De Force and Grazia’s Editor-at-Large Angela Buttolph

I already knew quite a bit about the ladies, but it was interesting to hear them talk about their experiences first hand and the advice they offered during the Q&A part. If you couldn’t make this event, there is a free Podcast on the iTunes store where you can watch it – or click the link here

The event was so good that I couldn’t refuse going to another, so two weeks after I took another trip to London for Grazia’s Food Bloggers Masterclass. I didn’t know anything about the three women talking, but I did briefly check out their blogs before attending the event.


I met up with the lovely Juliet from Juliet Oscar Yankee and we headed into the Apple Store to enjoy an hour full of blogging tips and techniques.

Kerstin of Ms Marmite Lover, Esther of Recipe Rifle and Rejina of Gastro Geek all spoke about their secrets to owning a successful food blog and great advice in regards to food photography.

photoL-R: Kerstin of Ms Marmite Lover, Esther of Recipe Rifle and Rejina of Gastro Geek

I left the Apple Store feeling really inspired and motivated to go away and make my blog better, and couldn’t wait to try out some of the useful advice the women had given during the masterclass.

Here are some of the wise words from the ladies during the masterclass:

‘If you’re going to blog there’s no point pretending you’re someone else. You won’t be able to keep it up’

– Kerstin/Ms Marmite Lover

‘I think you have to have that passion, you gravitate towards what you’re meant to do’

-Rejina/Gastro Geek

‘You have to blog regularly and give yourselves 6 months before worrying about it not working’

– Esther/Recipe Rifle


London, you’ve been wonderful. Until next time…


KC xo


2 thoughts on “#SchoolofGrazia | A Blogging Masterclass

    • I would highly recommend going to them, they usually have them every year so make sure you sign up next time ๐Ÿ™‚ The podcasts are on iTunes if you want to watch them xx

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