Revlon PhotoReady foundation



It’s not often that I find a product, let alone a foundation, that captures my attention like this one does.

Revlon’s PhotoReady foundation is a keeper, I kid you not. As an avid lover of Rimmel’s Wake Me Up, a beauty staple that I used religiously for a good 18 months, I found myself searching for another foundation that could match the texture with slightly more coverage. My skin was beginning to feel bored of the same old routine, so it was time to invest in something different. I had spent several trips down the Revlon aisle in Boots, where you could find me looking longingly at many face bases but alas always left empty handed (that’s probably a lie, who walks out of Boots without picking up a cheeky beauty ‘essential’ that you only buy because it’s on offer? Guilty!)

I recall there being a 2 for £15 offer on at the time and I had just been paid. The purchase was inevitable, so I gave in and never looked back. It does exactly what it says on the tin, and without sounding like a walking talking Revlon advert – I feel Photo Ready whenever I wear this. For a high street foundation the packaging looks smart, and has an air of the Make Up Forever HD foundation bottle.

Buy this if you like a light and dewy foundation that leaves you with an airbrushed, radiant complexion. Whether you are using it on young or mature skin, the flawless finish is natural and brightens your skin in an instant. Available in 12 shades (I use the shade 004 Nude), it also protects with SPF 20 which I personally feel is an important feature in any foundation. The longevity of the coverage is good, lasting several hours with no need to top up throughout the day.

As a victim of combination skin, I find that a dewy foundation like this one can occasionally make my face look a little sweaty and that is never pretty, so I tend to powder my face once I have applied it in the morning. I am yet to find a foundation that is perfect in every way, but I feel it’s a step in the right direction with this one. I have even persuaded a couple of my nearest and dearest to purchase a bottle…





Have you tried Revlon’s latest and greatest foundation? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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