My Daytime Autumn Makeup Routine


It’s happened – Katie Charlotte Blogs has carved itself a space onto YouTube!

This is something I have been thinking about for a while now and despite initially feeling quite reluctant to put myself out there with all the other bloggers and vloggers in this way, I came to the conclusion that it is just another dimension to this blog. My internet space where I can create something that I enjoy and hope others do too!

My makeup routine varies depending on the products I use, and I am constantly learning new and better ways to apply said makeup. This is a routine I have been doing for the past few weeks as it’s quick and easy, yet still makes a statement with the vibrant lip. Going into winter I will be opting for deeper reds, but sticking to a simple application as I get lazy in the colder months (always opt for an extra 5 minutes in bed).

All the products used are mentioned in the down bar of the video, and the brushes I used were by Real Techniques and Autograph (which you can buy at Marks and Spencer – they are amazing!)

I hope you enjoy the video – like, share and the rest of that malarkey – and leave me comments on your thoughts (and whether I should do more like this or something else).


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5 thoughts on “My Daytime Autumn Makeup Routine

  1. Congrats on starting on youtube! Ive considered it for sometime and the only thing holding me back is my confindence sitting in front of a camera and talking to it. I give all the power to people that can do that! Video was awesome!

    • Thank you! 🙂
      I have been thinking for it for some time, but it has been the confidence thing for me too that has stopped me from pursuing it. I really would encourage you to try it – do what feels comfortable for you but also take a risk (for me it was being barefaced on camera as I have always suffered with blemishes/scars from acne as a teen). Show a couple of close friends or family who you trust first and do a couple of practise runs before uploading onto YT. Let me know if you do try it by tweeting me @kcallen_xo 🙂 x

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