Go Nude this Winter | Rita Ora for Rimmel


Ladies, it’s time to put down the red paint and go au natural. 

The festive season may be over and glitter polishes are probably being put back on the shelf, but don’t fear – a nude polish is in town. This chic nail paint in ‘Let’s Get Nude’ from Rita Ora’s collection for Rimmel is the perfect polish to cover your nails with this season. If you’re like me then your nails probably haven’t seen daylight for a while, hidden underneath pretty shades of red, gold and glitter galore, so I’m opting for a natural look for the whole of January – Go nude or go home.

I’ve searched high and low (far and wide?) for the perfect nude shade, and I think this may be it. The best thing about it – it will go with everything in your wardrobe! Pretty perfect, huh?



I’ve had this shade on my nails for a week now and the longevity is amazing. I’m wearing two coats of polish and a top coat, and after initially finding the application not terribly great I gave it a second chance and had no problems. The applicator is shaped perfectly to fit your nail shape so less mess should be made. I will say that patience is key, and sometimes applying a base coat underneath will lengthen the drying time (opt out if you only have a few minutes).

Despite the colour still going strong I plan on taking it off this weekend and will stick to just a clear base coat for a week to show my nails a bit of love. Even though it’s a pale shade and shouldn’t discolour them too much, I do believe that giving your nails a bit of a break for even just 3 or 4 days does them the world of good.


I’m still in denial the festive period is actually over *sigh*, so I’ve painted one nail with Essie’s ‘Beyond Cozy’ – what do you think?

Nude nails

 What are your favourite nude nail shades? Let me know.


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6 thoughts on “Go Nude this Winter | Rita Ora for Rimmel

  1. I love this shade of nude…and I agree, nude polishes are one of the best because the are so versatile (you never have to make sure your nails and your outfit clash). I think it looks beautiful with the silver accent you put. ♥ misstrinabina.wordpress.com

  2. […] Nail Polish | Rita Ora for Rimmel in ‘Let’s Get Nude’ – The perfect nude nail. I’ve struggled to find a polish in the past that wasn’t too orange, not too pink, just an enhanced natural nail. When I spotted this I knew I was onto a winner, and two weeks after application it was still going strong – impressive! You can see it on my nails here. […]

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