MUA Lipsticks


I have a slight obsession with lipsticks, (which shouldn’t be a shock to any of my regular readers) so when I spotted these MUA lipsticks on my recent visit to Superdrug for just £1 – I couldn’t help myself.

One pound! 


I wasn’t expecting miracles from a product that cost less than a bus ticket, but was pleasantly surprised with the end result. There were several shades to choose from but for the first time trying the brand I thought I would go for colours I’m used to wearing, a berry shade and a nude.

After watching a recent ‘Glam Life Guru‘ video on YouTube, Tati explains that these lipsticks are a 2-in-1 matte and gloss – something I had yet to come across! For me the nude is far more matte than the berry shade, so the balm on the end is a welcome surprise.


‘Bare’ is your typical nude lip colour. I do have a pale complexion so most nude shades do not suit me and I opt for a pink nude instead, but I’m glad I tried this. It was more matte than I would have liked and if it had a bit more shine it may look better, but for the cost the colour pay off was fantastic.

I persisted with this one despite my initial reaction and paired it with my favourite Tanya Burr lipgloss in ‘Lunch Date’, adding a slight pinky gloss to make it more wearable and flattering – alternatively you can use the balm it comes with for a bit of shine.



‘Shade 2’ is a beautiful berry shade and applies on the lips glossier than the nude shade. If you suffer from dry lips (which I’ve struggled with over the past couple of weeks) these lipsticks will look cakey on application, as I found out a few days ago so be sure to use a lip balm before applying.

Both shades would look great day or night but my personal preference would be ‘Shade 2’, paired with a cat flick on the eye for a fun, flirty and feminine look.




Have you tried any MUA lipsticks? Let me know your thoughts!


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5 thoughts on “MUA Lipsticks

    • The palettes in particular are amazing! Will upload a review on those on Monday so keep your eyes peeled for that 🙂 what products have you tried and would recommend? xx

      • I was blown away by the highlighters – I use them daily instead of my high end alternatives! Their brow pencil is wonderful too, as are the blushers! X

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