Being a Better You


I’m sat here drinking a glass of vino, eaten pizza for dinner which was followed by a piece of bakewell tart – possibly not the perfect picture of health, but it’s Saturday and eating naughty food in moderation is okay.

As an attempt to eat better, feel healthier and look fitter, I thought I would write a post on my eating habits from the past few days to share and inspire/motivate other like-minded individuals who are also struggling with ‘winter weight’. Chocolate is still lying around the house and when the weather is cold, of course a creamy hot chocolate is going to tempt you more than a cold green smoothie. I’ve come to realise you need a good balance of what you want and what you need – a square of dark chocolate isn’t going to hurt, especially if it’s following a lunch or dinner plate of protein and green vegetables!

Here are three ideas for you to try, for a healthier and happier you

This is my favourite breakfast at the moment: Granola (Dorset Cereal is the best!), raisins, a splash of milk and a whole Kiwi.

photo 1

Besides the healthy part of the dish, the combined flavours work perfectly together and you don’t need a large amount to feel full. I’m not a big breakfast lover but I’ve been enjoying this bowl of joy every day for the past week. The kiwi adds a bit of sweetness to it, but you could change up the fruit each day to make it more interesting if you wanted – I’m currently obsessing over kiwis!

Lunch time is my favourite meal of the day. Whether it’s soup, a sandwich or pasta – I seem to get the most hungry around midday so it’s important to keep the hanger at bay. This meal idea was inspired by a photo I saw on Instagram last week, and as I had all of the ingredients in the house I was keen to recreate this for myself.

photo 2

A sesame seed bagel with tomato, lettuce, avocado and bacon – yum! Super easy to make and you can change up the meat to make it a bit more interesting each day.

Snacking is easy when you know how. I’m guilty of choosing sweet after savoury and find it difficult finding tasty and healthy food to nibble on after a meal. Dried nuts like pistachios and walnuts are great alternatives as they contain a lot of goodness and essential nutrients which help to strengthen your body – I like to keep a handful of almonds in my handbag for a tasty way to curb any sweet cravings I have throughout the day.

photo 3

Of course it’s difficult to swap the chocolate for the nuts all the time, and it’s important not to punish yourself for choosing the sweet stuff – remember, everything in moderation!

I’m also doing short daily workouts thanks to a fitness app called ‘Seven‘ – making exercise super easy and enjoyable in just seven minutes! I don’t want to pay out for a gym membership and in this cold weather it’s much easier (and cheaper) to do a couple of these workouts in the comfort of your own home.

I’m definitely feeling brighter and more motivated to do things with a healthier lifestyle – and I don’t feel guilty for choosing a burger and sweet potato fries when I’m out with the girls!

Here’s to a happy and healthy 2015! We can do this ladies…


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