The Versatile Blogger Award!

How exciting, I’ve been nominated for an award!


A big thank you to the lovely Hailey over at Hailey Heavens for nominating me – please head over to her blog and give her lots of love and support, she writes great beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts 🙂

So, here are the rules:

1. Post your award on your blog!

2. Thank the person who nominated you!

3. Share seven facts about yourself!

4. Nominate and link your nominees and then let them know they’ve been nominated!

7 Facts

  • I have an obsession with mugs, notebooks, pens and lipsticks (I even have a drawer dedicated to notebooks, that says it all, haha!)
  • I once got to interview my favourite boy band McFly, and you can see the video here 
  • I have a phobia of things that flutter i.e. butterflies
  • US Reality TV is a big guilty pleasure of mine – The Hills, Kardashians, Real Housewives… the list is endless!
  • I hate shoe shopping
  • I love a good quote, and you will usually find me referencing Friends and Sex and the City
  • I have one tattoo – a heart on my left arm

Now it’s time to nominate – here are the blogs I think deserve this award:

Very Berry Cosmo

Kenresa Mary Elsie Louise

Beauty by Alicee

The Silver Screen

Cariad Carys

Miss Life Styler

Charmed Charlee

I love all of these blogs, and are current faves! Ladies, now it’s your turn to share your seven facts 🙂


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