Love, Tanya


I’ve been a fan of Tanya’s since day one of her YouTube and blogging days, so it was a no-brainer that I would pre-order her book as soon as it was announced.

Love, Tanya landed on my doorstep last week and first impressions were great. I had seen sneak peeks of it on Instagram and Twitter but wanted to wait til I had the book in my own hands before making a proper judgement. Boasting twelve chapters and plenty of beautiful shots of the beauty blogger herself, I was pleasantly surprised with the content. As a YouTuber who shares a part of her life with the internet you assume you know Tanya pretty well, but as you read through the pages in the book you soon discover a lot more. She sweetly tells the story of how her parents met before revealing memories from her childhood, and then goes on to how she got into beauty blogging.

Of course, Tanya also gives her much requested skincare, makeup and fashion tips. If you follow her tutorials on YouTube then this part may not be as interesting, I’ve picked up a lot of her tips along the way so I didn’t really learn anything new – but for the younger generation who are just starting to experiment with makeup it’s perfect. I would have loved to own a book like this as a teenager, so I’m looking forward to sharing these tips with my 12 year old god-daughter who will hopefully find it helpful.




One of the best parts of the book for me has to be the ‘Baking’ chapter. I’ve grown up watching my mum bake, encouraging me to help her from an early age and over time it’s become one of my favourite pastimes. Tanya shares her passion within this book, which includes healthy and not so healthy delights.

I’ve tried making her famous ‘Milk and White Chocolate Cookies’ recipe before and the results were amazing. Whether you’re a pro or a novice, her recipes are easy for most ages to master. Her ‘Winter Soup’ recipe is another one I’ve tried and tasted, and has become a favourite of mine to cook.


One of the final chapters of the book is about ‘Confidence and Happiness’ – two things Miss Burr is passionate about. She gives advice on anxiety struggles and ways to feel happier, something that I personally found really useful. It’s easy to assume her life is ‘perfect’ from the 10 minutes or so we see of her on YouTube each week, so I’m glad that she’s mentioned some of her own struggles and how her success hasn’t come ‘easy’. It is clear from reading this book that she works extremely hard and has big dreams, sending an important message to her younger and more impressionable followers. As someone who loves a good quote, she also includes a few of her favourites which all seem to stress the importance of happiness, strength and positivity – a girl after my own heart!

There is also an interactive part in each chapter where you can write your own memorable moments, a fun activity for all ages (especially if you love writing lists – no, just me?)



I’m so proud of what Tanya has accomplished and I will continue to support her with whatever comes next for her. Love, Tanya is already perfectly placed on my bookshelf and I’m sure I will keep reaching for it – whether it’s for a recipe or hair care advice!

Have you picked up Love, Tanya yet?


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