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I’m not sure what I watched or did to occupy boredom before Netflix entered my life, but I’d love to shake the hand of whoever created it!

From 90’s classics (hello – Clueless, need I say more?) to some of the best British and American TV comedies and dramas from the noughties era, you can pretty much find it all on this online portal of joy. I am happy to admit that I actually choose to spend enjoy the occasional Friday or Saturday night, binge watching my latest TV series obsession, and I thought I would share a few of the best shows I’ve seen so far.

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#1 Once Upon A Time // Have you ever imagined what would happen if all your favourite fairy tale characters came together? Well, this show pretty much answers this request. Taking you between two worlds, the Enchanted Forest and the fictional town of Storybrooke, the characters have to break a magic curse that has taken their true identities. I think I watched the first series within a week I became that addicted, and I try and watch a new episode or two every evening before bed. Robert Carlyle as Rumplestiltskin is worth a watch alone, he is bloomin’ brilliant! In fact, the entire cast are – sign up now if you haven’t already! (*Spoiler* – Anna and Elsa from Frozen feature in season 4…ya know, just in case I haven’t persuaded you yet).

#2 Suits // Two words: Harvey Specter. I’m totally kidding (I’m not), that is definitely not the only reason I watch it…if you don’t know who I’m talking about, Google him. Man crush aside, it follows a corporate lawyer (Specter) and his associate Mike (who never attended law school but has one hell of a detailed memory) as they try and settle cases in New York City. There is an undertone of humour that runs throughout the series which is why I rate it higher than other law dramas, and the whole cast bring something different to the show which really holds your attention. Season 4 is being aired on UK TV at the moment but you can catch up with the first three series on Netflix.


#3 Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt // I watched the whole season in less than a day, as I nursed a bad hangover. It follows Kimmy adjusting to life in New York after being rescued from a doomsday cult in Indiana, and she soon lands herself a job as a nanny and finds the best roommate ever – Titus Andromedon, a struggling actor. Written by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, the series has unsurprisingly already received rave reviews from critics and the second season has already been confirmed (phew!). Even if you only watch five minutes of the show make sure it’s the one with the ‘Pinot Noir’ song, it’s something you may never want to forget.

#4 The Good Wife // That American legal and political drama with Mr Big from Sex and the City in, you know the one. He plays Illinois’ former State Attorney Peter Florrick who is arrested following a political corruption whilst his wife Alicia (played by the brilliant Julianna Margulies) starts a new job as a litigator to help provide for their two children. With a cast as awesome as this (Christine Baranski and Alan Cumming to name just two) and compelling cases in each episode, it’s the perfect show to sink your teeth into and you will be hooked in no time.

#5 American Horror Story // Okay so technically I haven’t watched much of this series, I’m a big wimp who can’t handle gruesome stuff, but what I have seen has been excellent viewing. Aside from the super scary scenes that I make my friend watch (and then she tells me what has happened, thanks Al) the cast and acting is incredible and the storylines keep you hanging on, making you want to know more. If I could mute the bits where people are being violently murdered I know I would be much further along the series than I am right now, but for those who are okay with this kinda stuff you will love it. I dare you to IMDB the cast, it goes on and on and on… even Lady Gaga stars in it in season 5!

I try not to watch too many shows at once, mainly because I don’t have the time but also I think it’s hard to balance more than a couple (especially if they take a lot of concentration!) There are a few shows however that I wish were on Netflix *ahem* (Netflix, if you’re reading this, take the hint), in particular these gems…


Nashville // I’m totally, utterly obsessed. From the music to the characters, this show has me singing and dancing around my kitchen to wiping back the tears – what other show does that? Season 3 is currently airing on E4 in the UK right now (my Wednesday nights are sorted) but I’d really like to watch the previous two series all over again.

Real Housewives // …of Beverly Hills, of Orange Countyof New York – a total guilty pleasure of mine and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Following the lavish lives of rich women and their families, it’s not all diamonds and caviar and some of the feuds get ridiculously out of hand (much to the viewers amusement).

Sabrina the Teenage Witch // Just one example of a classic 90’s TV series I grew up watching, I would love to go back and watch some of these shows and reminisce. Saved By The Bell, Sister Sister… the list is endless!

Revenge // From the first episode to it’s current season, I’ve been addicted. Following a woman as she seeks revenge on a family who framed her father when she was a child, the show takes on many twists and turns so you never get bored. It takes a lot of concentration (think of each scene as a piece of a jigsaw puzzle) but I welcome that hour every Monday night to enjoy something a little bit grittier than other series I love. It’s an hour where I put my phone and laptop away, drink my cup of tea and perhaps eat a cheeky piece or two of chocolate and end up on the edge of my seat longing for the next episode! I’ve tried to convince so many of my friends to watch it and Netflix would be the perfect home for it to air, especially as the last ever episode airs tonight (I think) in the UK.

What Netflix shows are you obsessed with?  Let me know in the comments, I love hearing new recommendations!


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