A Day in the Life of a Video Graphics Producer

Second interview of the career chat series, where I asked a few people to share a day in their life – from what their jobs entail to what they eat for breakfast. Over the next few weeks you will read about a variety of careers and the people behind them who are lucky to love what they do.

#2 – A day in the life of a…

Job Title:  Video and Motion Graphics Producer

Name: George Taverner


I wake up…read the news, go for a run, eat some breakfast, have a shower, brush my teeth, dress up and head for work on the bus.

What I wear…casual clothes – jeans, usually a t-shirt and a hoody or shirt.

When I get to work… I’m usually the first in so I unlock all the doors, open the front shutters, switch the computer on, boil the kettle , unload the dishwasher and make a round of drinks.


An average morning at work consists of… making sure file transfers of footage are up to date, batteries are charged for our next shoot, catching up on any emails and planning the day.

What I eat for lunch… usually a sandwich and if I fancy treating myself, a bottle of coke.

An average afternoon at work consists of… editing footage for clients. The thing with this job is that there’s never a day that’s the same. I could be doing some editing, talking with clients on how to improve a video, planning shoots with clients, being on a location for a shoot, being in the studio for a shoot, help setting the studio up for a shoot, meeting potential clients….


When I leave work… I usually get dragged out by the last person in the studio as love my job. I help load the dishwasher, make sure all of the equipment is away safely, set the computer to either render and/or transfer footage over night, lock the doors/shutter.

The people I work with… are like a family. As we are such a small company, we all get along really well. If there are any disagreements, they usually get sorted out very quickly. Everyone there is very friendly and we listen to each other rather than trying to take command. Everyone is there to help each other.


How I got into the career I am in now… I studied Film Studies at school, studied Media Production at University whilst working as a freelancer in Cardiff – mainly film. I then moved to Dubai and worked for a television channel called ‘MBC’ and was assistant director for the series. I moved back to the UK and worked for a branding agency doing the same job I’m doing now – Video & Motion Graphics. I now work for a smaller company with it’s own studio.

The best part of my job is… knowing that if I were doing a different job, I would be spending my spare time doing my current full time job. It’s fantastic to be paid for doing your hobby.

Where I would like to be in 3 years time… I would still like to be in the same position I am now. As it’s such a small company there isn’t really a higher position for me so it’s great being at the top. Hopefully I will still be here in three years time.

My advice to being happy in your career is… to think of a previous job that you have done which you hated and realise how much better your current job is. Be thankful that you have the job you are in.

Thanks George! 

You can read last week’s post here, where Hannah tells us all about her job working freelance in the Arts industry.


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