A Day in the Life of a Partnerships Executive in the FA

Third interview of the career chat series, where I asked a few people to share a day in their life – from what their jobs entail to what they eat for breakfast. Over the next few weeks you will read about a variety of careers and the people behind them who are lucky to love what they do.

#3 – A day in the life of a…

Job Title:  Partnerships Executive, The Football Association

Name: Hannah Pattinson


I wake up… as late as possible as I’m really not a morning person. I have a quick shower and usually run to catch the train to Wembley. The journey takes about an hour which I’ll use to read a book, drink a large coffee or catch up on work emails.

What I wear… the office environment is less corporate than previous offices I’ve worked in so usually I’ll wear a dress and a blazer or a skirt, flats and a shirt. Friday is dress down day, so I’ll wear my casual staples; ripped jeans and Converse.

When I get to work… I eat an enormous breakfast. Usually I’ll have toast and porridge whilst catching up on emails, the news and of course, Instagram.

Wembley Blog

The FA is the governing body for Football in England so its role is vast. It’s my job to look after the England team sponsors and deliver their contractual rights. I work across three accounts all of which are very different in their makeup. A typical morning involves touching base with the sponsors and planning campaigns or events that utilise the association between football, the FA and their business. Often this will involve planning digital space and organising competitions, photo shoots and player appearances.

What I eat for lunch… Anything goes here. Usually a baked potato, stir fry or a big salad from Pret all washed down with a Diet Coke.

An average afternoon at work consists of… more planning and preparing. At the moment there is a lot of preparation to be done for the FA cup final due to take place next week. This involves making sure all sponsors make the most of their branding rights within the stadium, be it creating advertisements to be displayed on the big screens in the Stadium to supplying adverts for the program. The potential viewing audience for a large scale event such as this is upwards of ten million, so it’s essential that branding and any sponsor activity is delivered to the highest possible standard.

When I leave work… I’ll usually meet friends for dinner or go running. Sometimes I’ll just relax with my housemates over a glass of wine or three at our local pub.

LONDON, ENGLAND - MARCH 27:  England pose for a team photo during the EURO 2016 Qualifier between England and Lithuania at Wembley Stadium on March 27, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Michael Regan - The FA/The FA via Getty Images)
LONDON, ENGLAND – MARCH 27: England pose for a team photo during the EURO 2016 Qualifier between England and Lithuania at Wembley Stadium on March 27, 2015 in London, England. (Photo by Michael Regan – The FA/The FA via Getty Images)

How I got into the career I am in now… I fell into Football and, before I started working in the industry, had very little interest in it. I originally started my career at Arsenal Football Club where I worked as a PA. I had a really great boss who brought me along to meetings across the business so I got a fairly well rounded general understanding of how the industry works. From that, I realised that my strengths lay mainly in building relationships, understanding people’s needs and communicating with people, so Partnerships/Account Management seemed like the obvious next step. Six months later and after a lot of rejections, my current role at the FA came up.

The people I work with… are really nice. My immediate team is a team of ten and we all look after different sponsors. The majority of us are fairly young with a background in sports, marketing or sponsorship. It’s a sociable team and the office environment is relaxed and friendly but can get very busy around an event. My working hours are flexible and typically 9-6, but much longer around a home game.

The best part of my job is… the variety. No day is the same. One day I will be planning a campaign, the next I will be deciding on suits for the squad and the next I might be helping to run the half time activity at an England game. Football means a lot to so many people and I enjoy contributing to making it so special for them.

Hanging with Roy Hodgson

Where I would like to be in 3 years’ time?  In three years I hope to be still in Sponsorship. I’ve always been interested in the charity sector so I might look into transferring my skills into an area that I’m very passionate about.

My advice to being happy in your career is… to be open minded. I fell into Football and it has opened a number of doors that I never knew existed. It’s really rare to walk into your dream job so work hard, build contacts, work out which parts of your job you enjoy and excel at, and then strive for an 80:20 balance of aspects you enjoy and are motivated by versus aspects that you’re not that interested in. Work is called work for a reason. No job is perfect and almost all jobs have boring parts. That said, if your Sundays are spent dreading the week ahead and feeling sick with anxiety, then it’s time for change. No job is worth your health or happiness.

I couldn’t agree with that last sentence any more! A big thank you to Hannah for a brilliant read and insight into what you do within the Football Association. 

 You can read last week’s post here, where George tells us all about his job working as a Video and Motion Graphics producer. Don’t forget to leave any comments or questions in the box below, or perhaps you would like to share a day in your own career! 🙂


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