Summer Reads: Mini Book Review

Road trips with friends and lying on a beach with a book in hand.

That’s what I think of when the word ‘summer’ is mentioned – with an extra dose of sunshine – I love sitting underneath big trees in the park (read: pale woman sheltering from sun rays), perching on the pebble beaches in Devon and lying in bed after a long day with a good book.

I’ve just read these two gems, both very different from each other but still brilliant in their own genres, and I had to share my thoughts on them – so you can rush out and take a read yourself of course…


Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter: by Louise Pentland

The lovely Louise, funny lady best known by her YouTube pseudonym Sprinkle of Glitter, has written a book. Now, before you judge her for following her fellow Vlogger pals down this popular path I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this read!



I’ve been a fan of this bubbly blonde for a good three years, going back to when I read her blog religiously and Darcy (her adorable little girl) was still a baby, and forever will I be thankful for her hilariously honest video with Tyler Oakley that has me in fits of giggles – the perfect remedy for those who are having a bad day…

I digress.

Whether you are 15 or 25, there are helpful tips and advice for all occasions – beauty, shopping, travel, home and crafts, bullying, body confidence, dating… – the list is endless. One of my favourite pages is ‘Being Kind’, a simple act with great rewards, and we can all do with more kindness in our lives right?! Right. It reads like Louise is talking to you, almost like a big sister handing out words of wisdom, or in my case a friend who shares the same Friday night past times (dinner parties over drinking games) and love of quotes. It’s a beautiful addition to my bookshelf (there is actual gold glitter on the front cover) and like Tanya’s book – read the review here – I will share this with my 12 year old Goddaughter who loves beauty and Zoella.

On a side note, I had the opportunity to meet Louise a couple of weeks ago in London where she signed a copy of her book, and she was so lovely! I accidentally wore a Louise-esque outfit which she complimented me on (love her!) and she gave me and Soph brilliant advice to ‘eat all the canapés’ at the Ladbrokes Wimbledon Summer Party (blog post coming this Friday) we were heading to after – a woman after my own heart…


When We Were Friends: By Tina Seskis

Six friends who have been through University, break-ups, marriages, death and motherhood together, must now deal with something that will change all of their lives forever.



Without giving out any spoilers, the friends come together for a picnic in Hyde Park but tension between some of the women bares too much and arguments occur. Chapters go back and fourth to help set the relationships, taking you on twists and turns along the way, which I sometimes struggle with but found it easy to keep up with in this read. They all seem to blame each other for why their friendships have broken down over time and their insecurities come to light throughout the book. The book is dark and chilling in places, leaving you wanting to know more – Tina has a real talent in making you suspect everyone, like a whodunnit mystery. 

I usually gravitate towards what I know I like (one of my favourite authors is Lindsey Kelk, she writes what I like to read) but every now and then I pick up something a little different which I end up being completely hooked on – like this one.



All the opinions on these books are my own, as always, and leave me a comment below with your book recomendations.


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