The Numbers Game

Instagram likes, Twitter followers and blog stats – it all comes down to numbers.

Recently I’ve become unmotivated, uninterested and pretty down on the bloggersphere front. I’ve felt guilty and anxious over my absence on social media and for my sporadic posts, but hopefully reading this you will begin to understand or even relate to how I’ve been feeling. Basically, I’ve been comparing my hub of happiness (aka Katie Charlotte Blogs) to other blogs – from followers and stats, to opportunities and awards – and it’s a dark spiral that I want to end here and now.

I’ve felt nervous to sit down behind my laptop, worried that I’m not going to ‘perform’ how I want to perform. While it’s important to have a goal, to aim for a statistic that makes you feel successful and remind you of how far you have come since your first blogger steps, it’s just as important to remember why you started. My personal happiness contributes hugely towards the success of this online sanctuary of mine and I want that to show through what I love most. Some may climb up the ladder speedier than others, others who have perhaps been doing it for longer, and then some may take the longer but scenic route to get to the top of their game. It’s easy to feel envious of those who share their success so publicly on social media, I personally prefer not to share too many stats but I also enjoy celebrating other bloggers’ success – we are a supportive community and I’ve been lucky to be on the positive side of it.

My blog isn’t just measured in statistics, it’s measured by how happy I am with the posts that I create and the response I get from my readers.

I’ve been a passionate writer since I was young’un. From catalogue wish lists, song lyrics, creating my own magazines to even Television scripts, I simply love writing. Photography is another passion of mine, whether it’s travel, a night out or a shameless selfie – you can usually find me with a camera of some sort in my hand. These are just a couple of reasons why I started blogging, I wanted to share what I love with others who have similar passions and this still stands true today. It’s not always easy, it’s certainly not as glamorous as people believe it is, but it’s something I couldn’t imagine life without now.

Each and everybody’s journey is different, and the more I remind myself of this the happier I feel about where I stand right now. In real life and online.

Keep chasing those dreams, and the rest will follow.

Through hard work, determination and passion, I’m slowly but surely getting to where I want to be. As the famous line goes, ‘slow and steady wins the race‘ – and what a fun and fabulous race it is.


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