Get Ready With Me: Autumn Edition

When it comes to seasons, I’m quite fickle. I love summer time for the sunshine, warm breezes, light evenings, road trips to the beach with friends, alfresco dining…the list could go on! However, come October and I’m ready for the cosy nights in, Halloween, berry hues, layers, seasonal hot drinks etc – Autumn, I’m ready for you!



Bag: H&M // Nails: No7

Lately I’ve been opting for this beautiful white lace blouse (I’ve just picked up one in another colour too, I’m obsessed), black jeans and boots. It’s not super warm but once I’m wrapped up in a cosy coat and a thick scarf it’s the perfect combo, especially if you are popping in and out of shops or require a simple day to night fix with no fuss, extra glam with a touch up of lipstick. I try and stick to a small-ish bag on most occasions so that I learn to ditch the non-essentials I usually carry around, and this H&M number is perfect.

Hat, optional.


Blouse: H&M
Hat: Accessorize


En route into town for afternoon tea and cake we took a walk down to the beach for a Sunday stroll. I feel very fortunate to be able to spend so much time down in this cute little town in East Devon, especially during the colder months once tourist season has passed. The Clocktower up in Connaught Gardens is the perfect location for a huge slice of cake and a cuppa, and with views to kill it’s the spot to be on a sunny Sunday afternoon!








A brisk walk up to the top of the hill and back down again, passing through The Byes on route back home. A beautiful green haven which has been invaded by the gorgeous Autumnal hues, I stopped along the way to pick up a few pretty leaves – for blog post aesthetics, of course.

Autumn days like these are my favourite.




What are your favourite things about Autumn?



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