Water Changes Everything | Pump Aid

Imagine washing your hands, body, food in unsanitary water every day. It’s an unimaginable thought for most of us, but men, women and children in Malawi and beyond have no choice but to live in these conditions. Bloggers have a voice, so let’s use it to do some good – who’s with me?

Pump Aid is a charity committed to improving the quality and availability of safe, clean water in African communities that are in need, and to do this they need our help. If you have just 2 minutes, please watch this video:

I’m obsessed with washing my hands before and after handling food, cleaning and especially handling money. My hand sanitiser doesn’t leave my handbag when I’m out and about and I’ll even use it after washing my hands in public bathrooms, so I find it difficult to comprehend having to drink dirty water let alone not be able to do any of the other stuff! I’m not usually very vocal online about the charities I support but I really wanted to share this with you all. Diarrhea kills 12 children everyday in Malawi due to dirty water. We all need clean water and it shouldn’t be classed as a luxury in any community, it’s a lifeline. Water changes everything. 

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 There are many ways to get involved from fundraising to simply sharing this post on your social media channel, campaigns like #GlobalHandwashingDay provide awareness about the importance of hand washing and will hopefully go a long way to help improve many lives and well-being in Malawi and surrounding areas. Pump Aid have installed over 9,000 pumps for rural communities and a small donation goes a long way, let’s keep this project going!

Please go and check out their website for all the important details and be a part of the journey to providing safe water for those in extreme poverty.



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