The Stable, Cheltenham

Pizza. Pies. Cider.

Need I say more?


I was recently contacted about the launch of a new restaurant in town, and to say I was excited about this one is an understatement.

I had already been to The Stable in Dorset so I knew that the food was delicious, but I was curious to see how they would deck the place out. Located on the corner (locals: where D-Fly used to be) opposite Boston Tea Party in Cheltenham, it’s in a trendy location not too far from an array of popular bars and restaurants in town.

Inviting along a couple of my nearest and dearest friends, we arrived to a full house – and a happy crowd too! We collected our free prosecco and cider from the bar and then tried to locate a table.





As soon as we sat down we were greeted with pizza. They really know how to woo a girl…

The menu is fantastic, with a varied choice of pizza toppings, pies… even tasty salads for the health conscious! They were generous with the portions and asked us throughout the evening if there was any pizza we would like to sample in particular. It would have been rude to decline, right? 😉

They even went out of their way to create an entire dairy free pizza for my friend, and it is that kind of service that separates The Stable from other similar establishments in the town.



Thin crust with plenty of topping, just how I like it! It’s the kind of place you can hang out with your friends, share a couple of pizzas… no knives or forks required.

I love the cool, relaxed vibe which the modern industrial decor heavily contributes to, and you can choose to sit in one of the booths or on one of the benches – suitable for large groups and couples.






If you are looking for somewhere to eat, drink and socialise, then look no further. I had a fantastic evening eating a lot of pizza with friends (the best combination), and I’m actually planning a return shortly after Christmas for my birthday celebrations!

You can check out The Stable website for more information.



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