Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

A short but sweet post just to wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

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I’ve spent most of Christmas Eve watching the Christmas Movies 24 channel as I conclude my gift wrapping duties, finishing the day with a box of chocolates and Home Alone 2 on DVD – breaking the tradition for the first time in years. We usually watch Jingle All The Way and make jokes about how we’ve forgotten to buy the Turboman doll – one year I might actually try and hunt one down!

I think I love the build up more than the actual day itself, controversial, but it’s the magic of seeing colourful lights everywhere, singing along to the cheesy Christmas tunes whilst making gingerbread and mince pies, and over-using the ‘but it’s Christmas’ excuse to feel less guilty for devouring so much chocolate, drinking too much mulled wine and buying things for yourself as you shop for others. It’s all part of the festive fun and it’s heart-warming to see most people at their happiest (unless they happen to be looking for a car parking space at the supermarket on Christmas Eve…)

This Christmas is a little bit different for me this year. Aside from already receiving what I wished for, I’m most excited to spend it with my baby cousin as we celebrate his first Christmas! Being a child at Christmas holds some of the most precious memories, I wish I was still as excited as I used to be – waking up every half an hour from 5am, being told to go back to sleep until at least 7 oclock and being excited by something as simple and small as Polly Pocket. Fast forward twenty years and all the kids now are asking for iPads, iPhones or something Zoella related! Nothing like Christmas to make you feel old…

Signing off for a few days and I’m looking forward to a long weekend of quality time with my nearest and dearest, playing plenty of board games and eating and drinking so much to the point that I can’t eat any more… perhaps just one more chocolate.

Anyway, I better dash before Santa pops by with my presents 😉

Merry Christmas!



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