Birthday Wish List

As I prepare to turn another year older, I thought it would be a great distraction to create a list of gifts I would like for my birthday – but haven’t asked for, because I’m indecisive and not one who likes making a big deal about birthdays. Not in recent years anyway…

The best thing about birthdays and Christmas is the surprise factor. It could be a present, an experience or a party – but it’s usually the moments you don’t plan yourself that always feel the most special and memorable. I’m spreading my birthday out this year with three or four smaller celebrations, as most of my favourite humans happen to live all over the place so it’s tricky to pin them all down at the same time, in the same place. I won’t lie, it’s also a great excuse to do more fun things with friends and family! I’ll be writing an actual birthday post about what I get up to, but until then here are some pretty bits and bobs I’m currently lusting after…


Needle & Thread Ombre Embellished Mesh Mini Dress *

* Rifle Paper Co planner *

NARS Cruella velvet lip pencil *

Spotty China Letter mug *

Joma Jewellery ‘Zara’ bracelet *

My wishlist is simply just a wishlist this year, and I’m okay with that. Holiday plans and road trips with friends are in place so any spare cash will be going towards that, but I’m sure I’ll have a cheeky splurge some time over the next 12 months because I simply can’t restrain myself from buying too many lipsticks and mugs! 😉


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