Blog Turns 3!

One day I had this idea to start a blog and just write what was on my mind, whatever that would be. Three years on and I’m still doing that, but with more opportunities and a few more readers.

PicMonkey - Birthday Collage

I feel like I should have prepared more for this post, perhaps a gold balloon shaped as a ‘3’ and bubbles to toast with – but in all honesty today has crept up quicker than I thought it would (thankfully I had a photo of me popping some champagne on my birthday!) Whilst my love for what I do on the blog hasn’t changed, unfortunately my time has. Posts will be slightly more sporadic for a few weeks just whilst I get my head around starting a new career, but the quality of the posts will remain the same. I’m too passionate about this hub of creativity to be away too long and I’ve also just got into vlogging so that’s a whole new world I can’t wait to sink my teeth into over the next 12 months!

A big thank you to everyone who has stuck by the blog, whether you’ve been here since day 1 or day 1035 (today), it wouldn’t have been as fun without you!



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