5 Ways to Shake off the Blues

We’ve all been there.

The kind of day that you wish you could run away from. That anxious feeling. Worrying about something that hasn’t happened yet, but you’re anticipating to happen.


Here are a few of my favourite ways to kick away the blues…

  • A glass or three of vino with one of your best girlies is the perfect medicine for when you’re feeling, to put it honestly, like crap. I’m lucky to have a couple of friends who are always there to make me laugh until it hurts, to remind me it’s a moment that will pass, and not judge me for enjoying that 3rd glass of wine on a school night.


  • Write down your favourite quotes. It could be deep and meaningful, or simply quoting your favourite line from a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode. Whatever it is, I’ve found that the best way to end a bad day is to read a motivational quote or two and store them in a notebook you can turn to when you feel this way.


  • Have a bath. Simple, but so effective. Treat yourself to a Lush bath bomb, light a couple of candles, pour yourself your favourite tipple and enjoy a lengthy soak in the tub. Whether it’s a gripping drama on Netflix or you fancy listening to a chilled out/90s playlist on Spotify, either work for a relaxing period of time away from social media and reality, let’s face it. My current favourites include season 6 of The Good Wife and the #ThrowbackThursday Spotify playlist…


  • ReadMy favourite author Lindsey Kelk has a knack of making me laugh out loud with her witty writing tone – Always the Bridesmaid is by far the best thing I’ve read in a long time. I also like to flick through the likes of Vogue and Elle magazine to take my mind off things, and it’s also great for some serious beauty and fashion inspo.


  • Adopt the ‘I don’t care‘, what would Beyoncé do attitude. The more you ask other people’s advice the less happy you will be. Be honest. Be happy. Always choose happiness.


What do you do to beat the blues? 


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