Jack Savoretti ‘Written in Scars’ Tour Review

Date: Saturday 5th March, 2016.

Location: The Forum, Bath

Jack Savoretti 


I’m a huge fan of Jack’s music. There hasn’t been an album I’ve loved this much, and learnt all the lyrics to, in years. It’s rare that I fall in love with an artist and for their music to affect me in the way his does. Aside from his good looks (yes, he is rather beautiful to look at), his raspy voice and catchy soulful tunes tell a story – you believe in every single word he sings as he takes you along on a journey, a sign of a brilliant songwriter.

I’m awful at putting genres to music and Jack’s is a kind of its own, mixing folk with blues with…other styles. Whilst I’m unlikely to make it as a music reviewer any time soon, I do hope I’m able to convert a few of you to become fans of his incredible music.


It was around 8pm when the talented Earl took to the stage and opened up the show.



Hailing from Alaska and still relatively unknown, it only took a few notes to realise why she was chosen to tour with Jack and his band. Her music is a breath of fresh air. She put on a beautiful performance of her first single ‘Good Witch’ (you can listen to it here) and a couple of other songs that aren’t currently available for download. The set was stripped back to showcase her stunning vocals, I’m just annoyed with myself for not buying her CD after the show!

After a short break, the lights dimmed and the band walked onto the stage, shortly followed by the man himself….


He kicked off the night with Written in Scars, the title of the album and tour.

Working his way through the album in no particular order, he played a few of my personal faves like ‘Home’, ‘Nobody Cept You’ and ‘Tie Me Down’ and I sang my heart out to every song, knowing every single lyric. The setlist included a throwback to a couple of songs from his 2012 album Before The Storm, and it’s evident that Jack’s sound has developed in these 4 years. Written in Scars is full of upbeat tunes to clap your hands and move your feet to, mixed in with soulful melodies that move you emotionally, the perfect concoction for a Saturday night… and it’s not hard to see why he had all the women in the audience swooning (and a few of the fellas, too).



One of the highlights came from a raw and emotional performance of ‘Catapult’, his new single. Despite being in a room full of people, somehow it felt like you were the only one there for a few short moments, a powerful rendition of one of his best songs from the album.

Nobody in the venue wanted the show to end. We stomped and chanted until he stormed back onto stage again to play us a couple more songs.




The best gig I’ve been to in several years, hands down. A bold statement, and maybe a sign I need to get out more, but if you do get the chance to see Jack live – do it!

Once dubbed ‘the new Paulo Nutini’, I don’t believe there should be a comparison. I predict it won’t be long until everyone knows Jack Savoretti’s name – just watch this space…


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